One Empire – The Mind

Ignorance is a bliss some say.

It is true that much pain can be avoided by blinding our eyes and obstructing our ears. Learning is indeed painful and it is, after all, the nature of the human mind to avoid pain.  So why inflict it upon ourselves, when it can be cast away? On the other hand, one may also wonder about the very reason of living. Yes, as humans, we were born with the gift of thought, and since the path of knowledge is suffering, then suffering is rooted in what we are: then let’s end it where it started and let go of our lives altogether.

Or maybe, pain is a crucial part of the process, and the mind is to be constructed. Maybe, expanding the mind is a purpose of human life: an empire to be built, to stretch to all the corners of understanding, and to be passed on before leaving this world.

Here, we believe so, and we show one of many ways to achieve that purpose. If you wish to follow it, enter the door.

Good luck,

S. M.