Remember History

It is said goldfishes do not remember what has happened after two seconds have passed. If that is true, then they wander in ever lasting ignorance.

Humans do remember, as long as our physical and mental integrity is preserved. We record every moment of our lives through our senses, and store them in our little grey cells. Actually, it has even been proven that other cells of our body have their own memory, such as those of muscles which can record the stresses they have endured. Therefore, independently from our will, we are living memory: our body stores it, and our mind throws it back at us.

Can it be useful, you may ask. Certainly, we say. We even believe that records of past events can give us insight on what is to happen. Indeed, we think that history and History tend to repeat themselves when one is not fully aware of them. And, as we strive to cultivate good deeds, we must know our personal context, as well as the global Context.

Consequently, the purpose of this section is to shed light on what has happened with the hope of understanding better what is happening now, and what is about to happen.

 When I want to understand what is happening today or try to decide what will happen tomorrow, I look back

– Omar Khayyam, Persian philosopher, 1048-1131

Omar Khayyam